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Mario & Yoshi Mural

Hello amigos, since I have been behind on my Inktober sketches and have not posted in a few days I decided to post a Mario and Yoshi mural I painted in the summertime for my nephews birthday. He turned five and he is obsessed with his Mario and Yoshi games on his Nintendo DS. 

As a birthday present I painted these large panels on the side of the shed of my sisters house, along with his and his brothers name. 


Inktober 9&10 combined

Since I have been a bit behind I chose to combine Inktober prompts 9&10 into one drawing.  And since today is my birthday I also chose to take the day off from work and illustrated this Harris Hawk chasing my character, which I decided to name Roger.

Prompt for day nine was screech  and prompt for day ten was gigantic.  I also will not be posting my Inktober day 8 drawing because I am completely embarrassed by it haha, it came out horrible.


Here is a pic of my studio space 🙂


Inktober day 5

For the fifth day of Inktober my character shows a very accurate representation of me on Fridays when I get off work. 🙂  Tried to make this drawing into a one panel comic.  Hmmm maybe I should have this character star in his own comic adventure?  What is his name though??  I use India ink, ink and watercolors.  The green liquitex ink smudged the black India ink grass drawings…so I am probably going to stop using those inks.

Theme for day five was long.