Inktober days 2 & 3

Hello internet, here are my drawings for Inktober days 2 & 3.

I really dislike my drawing for day two and was debating about posting it.  Then i figured it was too weird to skip day two.  I was taking a wack at foreshortening with this character. Ehh.   Theme for day two was divided.


Day three I revisited the character from day one., where I continued my exploration of foreshortening.  I have chosen to incorporate this character into every Inktober drawing this year.  So far I have been having a lot of fun with him.  However he still needs a name.  Theme for day three was poison.



Serkit Studio Illustrations

To my hundreds of followers and fans, I have chosen to go a different direction with my art than originally indented for this website/blog.  I will be slowly but steadily working my way to a book illustrator, and wish to use this website for that purpose.  I will be regularly uploading new illustrations and a few older ones I have done.

My website will now be titled Serkit Studio Illustrations instead of Ceramic Graffiti.  I am Serkit and this is my artwork.  Inktober1

The first illustration I will post is from the Inktober series.  This quick character I came up with will be incorporated into every prompt on the official Inktober list.  This will be my second time participating in the Inktober challenge.  Woot woot I am excited about this!!

SERKIT Art Exhibition at S.O.A.P.

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This July 28th 2017 at Harlingen, Texas I will be having a Sculpture & Art Exhibition at S.O.A.P. Art Studios.  Ceramic sculptures, watercolor illustrations, acrylic and mixed media paintings will be on display.  The art exhibition will begin at 6:00 pm, end at 11:00 pm, and will take place during the Harlingen Art Night, so their will be plenty of other art too see in the downtown Harlingen area.  New paintings are being started and finished daily for this exhibition!!

If you are in the Rio Grande Valley area please come out and support the local art scene! Here is the address to S.O.A.P. Art Studios:

420 w. van Buren, Harlingen, Tx 78550

Fellow GR Crew member Ace will also have his paintings on display as well as Ace & Serkit collaborations.  Their will be live painting by GR Crew members during the exhibit as well as live music, which both will take place in the back of S.O.A.P. Studio.

Jewelry will also be on display by local artist Rebekah Starr.  Artist Alejandra Zertuche will also be doing henna.

If you are on Facebook here is the link to the event: Serkit Sculpture & Art Exhibition 

S.O.A.P. Art Studio

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Serkit is an artist from the Rio Grande Valley. He creates illustrations, murals, and more!