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Inktober day 11

Sticking to character and figure drawing here is a drawing of Roger running for day 11.

Inktober prompt for day eleven is run.



Inktober day 5

For the fifth day of Inktober my character shows a very accurate representation of me on Fridays when I get off work. 🙂  Tried to make this drawing into a one panel comic.  Hmmm maybe I should have this character star in his own comic adventure?  What is his name though??  I use India ink, ink and watercolors.  The green liquitex ink smudged the black India ink grass drawings…so I am probably going to stop using those inks.

Theme for day five was long.


Inktober days 2 & 3

Hello internet, here are my drawings for Inktober days 2 & 3.

I really dislike my drawing for day two and was debating about posting it.  Then i figured it was too weird to skip day two.  I was taking a wack at foreshortening with this character. Ehh.   Theme for day two was divided.


Day three I revisited the character from day one., where I continued my exploration of foreshortening.  I have chosen to incorporate this character into every Inktober drawing this year.  So far I have been having a lot of fun with him.  However he still needs a name.  Theme for day three was poison.


Serkit Studio Illustrations

To my hundreds of followers and fans, I have chosen to go a different direction with my art than originally indented for this website/blog.  I will be slowly but steadily working my way to a book illustrator, and wish to use this website for that purpose.  I will be regularly uploading new illustrations and a few older ones I have done.

My website will now be titled Serkit Studio Illustrations instead of Ceramic Graffiti.  I am Serkit and this is my artwork.  Inktober1

The first illustration I will post is from the Inktober series.  This quick character I came up with will be incorporated into every prompt on the official Inktober list.  This will be my second time participating in the Inktober challenge.  Woot woot I am excited about this!!