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Serkit piece with Rorschach and Nite Owl from Watchmen comics. Done with gouache and India ink.


You Know My Steez

Gouache and India Ink Srkit graffiti piece with an alien style character head. I think this was my second time use of gouache paints. Think it was much better than my first attempt lol.

Serkit’s Exotic Jungle

Recently I’ve been getting into gouache paints. So far I really enjoy them. However I only bought the cheap $5 dollar set to try them out and they are going to run out soon.

Any suggestions on a good gouache paint I should pick up next?

I call this piece Serkit’s “Exotic Jungle” as I added a bunch of insects, amphibians and plants into my own jungle habitat. Enjoy!

For sale if anyone is interested

Gouache and India Ink