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Inktober days 12&13

Hello amigos!! been really behind on my drawings and even more on posting them on my website/blog!!  Hopefully I can stay on track with this 🙂

Here I have combined Inktober days 12 & 13.  My character Roger here shattered his glasses and is teeming with honeybees after he ran into a shrub and fell!  I really want to color this drawing and will probably color with Photoshop or with watercolors.  Anyway thanks for looking! 🙂

Theme for Inktober day 12 was shattered, and for day 13 was teeming



Naggin Housefly

flysidecflyside2cNaggin Housefly,

pinch pot, coil & slab-built,

slip, underglaze, terracotta, 2012

7″ H x 11.5″ W x 12″ L